It is written in I Corinthians 2:16b,

"...we have the Mind of Christ." (KJV)

Abba, help us to learn from the strategies that You have made available to us, so that we know the Mind of Christ about every situation that confronts us, so that we fulfill, like King David, all Your Purposes for us in this generation, and so that we do not fall prey to the devil's devices.

May each of us humble ourselves before You in this New Year, that we may know You intimately, and walk in the Peace and power of Your Holy Spirit. May we be Mighty in God, and do exploits. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Thank You that You are ready:

·      To help us grow more Beautiful in God

·      To deliver us from old ways that choke out God’s Way

·      To help each of us excel

·      To teach us to enter into Your Rest, and remain there with You

·      To help us stay on course toward You, our Heavenly Bridegroom

·      To draw us deeper into Your Love for us

·      To teach us to stay in Communion with You

Deborah Armstrong, Psy.D.,

serves as a Christian counselor and psychologist in New Jersey.

To contact her, visit

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